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Socio-Economic, Sustainability
and Innovation Programme

Socio-Economic, Sustainability and Innovation Programme

Launched in 2014, the key purpose of the SSIP is to facilitate and create local, community-based social and economic development across the full value-chain of property development. The programme aims to enable seamless integration and alignment between communities and economic investment. The intention of the SSIP is to create a stable and sustainable socio-economic environment, through direct community-based activity.

The programme is activated in a considered, holistic and strategic manner. Social and Economic Opportunity Analysis informs the process of matching identified needs with economic opportunities. Skills and Learning Development to match local economic opportunities is facilitated through established learning platforms. Enterprise Development and SMME Business Incubation assists local entrepreneurs to become trade ready, with the primary emphasis being on construction based opportunities. Opportunity Linkages are activated to ensure that all those seeking opportunities are linked to suitable opportunities. Ongoing engagement with enterprises offering opportunity facilitates visibility and skills pairing. Sources of Income Opportunities are identified and qualifying individuals or enterprises are linked. These opportunities can include various sectors such as: retail, BPO, construction and formal enterprise, domestic services, urban and open space management, urban farming and beautification, hospitality and tourism.

iThuba Offices (opportunity hubs), in the communities of Waterloo, Cornubia and Blackburn have been established as central information and application points. These hubs currently service various Tongaat Hulett initiatives underway on the North Coast.

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