Message from the General Manager

Message from the General Manager

Original Source: Izinga Estate Magazine

Looking at the calendar, we are already into the third month of the year, and yet if we lock back it seems like it happened in a heartbeat. Such is the pace of our modern day life, that we can lose perspective, hence take a moment and look around you in what has been achieved and then gain perspective of what challenges still face us.

The hustle and bustle around us gives us the hidden cost of our lifestyle, but we can still find the time to smell that freshly ground coffee, the aroma of baking bread, the birdsong rather than the snarl of traffic and take the time to appreciate the sculpted gardens and pathways that we are privileged to have on our doorstep. Then, think of the service personnel who made all this possible together with the support structure who continue to build the dreams around us on the Estate.

Thinking on the above, our security personnel come to mind, who strive to fade into the background yet be a visible and active deterrent to the criminal elements, encouraging them to give our area a wide berth. To further the security presence the HOA appointed a Tactical Unit and vehicle to create a stronger visual deterrent together with additional resources that the board approved for the new financial year commencing 1st March 2019.

Izinga continues to develop at a rapid pace as do the lives of its residents, who are the heartbeat of Izinga. In each issue, we profile a family and ask that if any member is comfortable and keen to appear in our upcoming Issues, kindly inbox us for more details. We are also mindful of the many that work behind the scenes to keep these amazing homes looking the way they are. So, for the next issue let’s showcase the ones that make it happen, our dedicated helpers! Contact our offices for further details.

Notices and updates will be forthcoming, please look out for these and keep yourself abreast of new developments.

We thank you for working together to make this community an attractive and much-desired haven to live in.

Petrina Shunmugam

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