Meet the New Directors of Izinga Phase 1

Meet the New Directors of Izinga Phase 1

Original Source: Izinga Estate Magazine

CHAIRMAN Pragasen Moodley is a professional civil engineer with 22 years of experience in the Built Environment industry. He holds a BSc Honours Degree in Transportation Engineering from the University of Pretoria and sits on the Engineering Council of South Africa’s Advisory Board for Tertiary Institutions. He and his wife, Avinesha, have two delightful children, Shreyan and Diyuthi, and live happily on this beautiful estate. Pragasen is passionate about his work and family and believes that maintaining a balanced life is the key to success. Although typical day as a Director can be challenging at times, Pragasen tells me that he and his team pride themselves on committing to the residents of Izinga Phase 1 and are always willing to address all issues as a collective board. During his term of office, his top priority is security. He would also like to see improvements to the landscaping on the estate, as well as a draft proposal for a community centre to go out to Phase 1 residents. “The convenience of having our offices and my children’s school within a 5km radius, together with the tranquil setting of the green belt around the Estate, is amazing,” he beams.

Alexi Coutsides is a true Durbanite. “Durban has always been home for me”, he says. Alexi and his wife met in their early twenties and will soon be celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary. They are expecting their third child next month. Alexi is a wealth advisor and is responsible for insurance on the Estate. “Although the Estate is well funded and managed, there is still a lot of hands-on work and decision making to be done,” he explains. He is currently analysing the insurance cover for the Estate to ensure that Izinga is efficiently and correctly covered. Alexi tells us that a typical day in the life of a director at Izinga usually includes responding to emails from the management team and fellow Directors, meetings and keeping up to date with the goings on on the Estate. During his term of office, Alexi would like to see security on the Estate improved. “The Estate offers a fantastic outdoor lifestyle for active families. It’s close to the surrounding schools, Umhlanga Beach and the village is just down the hill – Izinga truly offers you a live, work and play kind of lifestyle.” says Alexi.

Adam Pincus is a chartered accountant at Beare Holdings Ltd and is one of the directors of Izinga Phase 1. He represents the interests of all of the residents of Izinga Phase 1, from aesthetics and security to environment. A typical day for Adam involves meetings and more meetings, followed by – you guessed it – still more meetings. These are interspersed with phone calls and emails and some “real” work has to be fitted in as well. “As a new suburban node, Izinga provides top quality, modern convenience with easy access to a wide variety of amenities in the immediate environment”, says Adam. During his term of office, he hopes to see even more harmony between residents and the wider environment.

Fabien Moodley is a born and bred Durbanite and lives happily in Izinga with his wife and four-year-old son. Fabien, an electronic engineer, is responsible for the electrical Infrastructure at Izinga. He tells me that the directors are responsible for focusing on the requirements of the residents and a part of these responsibilities is to create a safe and family-friendly environment for the residents, which is something that they pride themselves on doing. During his term of office, Fabien would like to see the start of the construction of a community centre for residents of Izinga to enjoy. “My favourite thing about Izinga would have to be that I feel honoured and privileged to live on the land on which my forefathers toiled. It’s more than ‘higher level’ living, it’s a piece of history! They ploughed the land and I bought a piece of that land. Izinga to me represents the strength and courage of every Indian who arrived by ship in 1860,” explains Fabien.

Nikesh Kara is happily married with three beautiful children. He comes from a business administration and financial background and tells us that a director’s job isn’t for the fainthearted and, that while it may seem like a walk in the park, it isn’t! Directors have to deal with estate matters, important decisions, the finances, ensuring security and attending to all the issues raised by the residents. During Nikesh’s term of office, he would like to see a community centre being built for the enjoyment of residents, especially the kids. He would also like to make Izinga more secure, with visible security, and to encourage the residents to make use of the pathways on the estate for daily walks and runs.

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